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Now Accepting Applications for Winter 2018 Sessions



There was a time when a record label’s A&R department committed themselves more seriously to developing the talents of their artists. However, these days it is much harder and near impossible to find a record label committed to artist development. When a major label signs a new artist or band, it is expected, if not required, that the act has sufficient musical, songwriting & performance talent, brand identification and media savvy skills, A.K.A “The Complete Package”.  This is where LLEWMORC Media & Production Agency's (LMPA) GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program comes in… 


Do you feel that you are ready for the big time?  Are you ready to sign a contract for an undisclosed amount of money? Perhaps you’re one of the countless aspiring & new performing artists with no direction or contacts to be seen or heard of? There is no better time than the present for you develop your skills in anticipation of presenting your project to potential record companies, distribution companies, media companies & mass media.


LMPA has not only either managed the careers or public relations communications of international, national & local recording & performing artist on labels such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Frontier Records, BRAAT Musik/BRAAT Media Group & Itrinity(e) Music just to name a few, but we have also worked directly with these labels and know what they look for in artists.  Did we mention we are also a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences a.k.a The GRAMMYs and have submission authority for the annual GRAMMY Awards via our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program?  We have harnessed these years of experience to create an effective program for independent and unsigned artists that will fit your needs and budget. 


To make it in this business, there are some essential steps that need to be done in order to be taken seriously as a professional in this industry.  Proper training of vocal techniques, enhanced instrumental instruction (if applicable), original music, stage presence, choreography, professional recordings, a bio, publicity photo, press kit, publicity, promotion & management, etc..  These are all key ingredients to marketing yourself professionally and effectively in this business.  Let our experts advise you on the best path to choose to get your career off to an effective start.


Our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program is an eight (eight) week (expedited) or twelve (12) week (standard), 5 module training curriculum designed to move an individual artist or group through a development matrix that will strengthen your chances with closing a deal, presenting a project package, increase show bookings, and prepare you to be considered as an industry must-see. 


The primary aim of the program is to arm participants with the key skills that are highly valued by many of the music industries leading record executives. Each component of the program is designed to assist artists in developing specific aspects of their musical craft.


Once you are accepted into our program you will have the opportunity to work with skilled professionals from various fields related to the entertainment business.  Our program mentors are entertainment companies & professionals with expertise in music, film, fashion and marketing with countless industry contacts.

Meet our mentors



LMPA Artist Development Program is designed to provide its participants the education, technical knowledge and professional skills they need to survive and excel as an independent recording and performing artist in today’s music industry. Our program’s experienced instructors & mentors contribute to the professional development of individual artists or groups by guiding you through a development matrix that includes instruction on learning the business of the music industry as well as a basic understanding of the complete creative process such as songwriting, arranging, recording, production, performing, image & branding, choreography, media, marketing & promotion.


Regardless of your genre of music, at LMPA Artist Development Program, we do more than just train artists, we give them the tools to kick-start their careers.


To accomplish this goal we have designed a preparation matrix that will allow you to:


Module I - PREPARE YOUR CAREER: Week 1 - 2 ($300)

Instruction & Information on: 

  • Business of the Music Business

  • Intellectual Property & Copyright

  • Performance Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC) Registration

  • Performer/Stage Name Trademarking

  • Music Publishing & revenue streams


Module II - PREPARE TO PERFORM: Week 3-5 with Mentors in person/via Skype ($500 )

  • Music Review

  • Song Structure

  • Music Selection

  • Song Selection

  • Physical Training For Performings Basics

  • Vocal Training Basics 

  • Show Choreography Basics

  • Recording Studio/Show Rehearsal


Module II - PREPARE YOUR IMAGE: Week 6 -8 ($1200) w/ styling consultant in person/via Skype 

  • Image Consultant

  • Clothing & Styling

  • Professional Photo Shoot

  • Graphic Design, Logo and Imaging


Module IV - PREPARE YOUR MEDIA: Week 9-10 ($800) w/ PR/media consultant in person/via Skype

  • Media/Interview Training

  • Biography Development

  • Marketing 101 (Web Site Development, Social Media Management - includes a social media audit, etc)

  • EPK Development

  • Press Release Development



Module IV - PREPARE YOUR MUSIC: 3 Weeks with Mentors in person/via Skype  ($2,500) 

  • Product Development

  • Correct Recording Studio, Producer & Engineer Research

  • Recording Studio Intro 101

  • Recording Song/Laying Down Track

  • Mastering & Post Production

  • Cover Artwork & Packaging Design

  • Distribution & Sales


Upon graduation of our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program, you will leave with a complete Music Career Starter Kit. The Music Career Starter Kit is filled with all of the necessary tools needed for both day to day promotional activities of an independent performance artist as well as a high impacting presentation that can be presented to a major record label decision maker



Your Music Career Starter Kit will include:

  • CD Sampler w/Two Fully Mixed & Produced Distribution-Ready Singles.  NOTE:  Additional songs avail at additional cost (if Module IV is taken).   

  • Performance Rights Organization Registration   

  • Professional Promotional/Media-Ready Photos    

  • Performer Bio & EPK (Electronic Press Kit) 

  • Strategic PR & Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Application Discount for our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program & Discount on GRAMMY-BOUND™ Marketing Svcs.

  • Promotional/Merchandising Items (flyers, posters, t-shirts) (additional cost)


Upon completion of the program, participants may be offered an opportunity to present themselves to our professional management company staff should they decide they’d like us to manage their career.




Development Schedule:  

  • WINTER 2018: Sessions Begin JANUARY 15, 2018.  Our 10-Week (standard) or 13-Week (extended) program may meet 2 times a week.  View Standard Schedule HERE. 



PLEASE NOTE:  This national program can be completed IN PERSON or via SKYPE or a combination of both, depending on mentor's schedule.  In cities where enrollment rises to the level that we feel requires a traditional classroom setting, physical attendance may be required. 





We offer two tuition payment options for our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program:


Payment Installment Options:

We offer the below installment options for our Standard & Extended.  Installment payment breakdown for each program vary and are as follows:

  • 10-Week Standard Program: $900.00 due at acceptance/registration.  Four payments of $500. billed bi-weekly thereafter. Total: $2,900.00

  • 13-Week Extended Program: $1,500.00 due at acceptance/registration. Six payments of $675.00 billed bi-weekly thereafter.    Total: $5,550.00.



Before submitting an application for this program you must:

  • Have at least 2 original songs (that will be recorded & mastered during the program). Five original songs are required in you are intending to apply for our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program.

  • Be able to meet with assigned mentor(s) - Can be done in person or on Skype.

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • Be ready to make your art your career.

  • Be able to afford the program and pay on-time. 





There is a $100.00 application fee due at submission of your LMPA Artist Development Application. This application fee allows our staff the time-consuming & in-depth review of each submission. 


If you believe you are ready to take your career to the next level, please complete and submit the below application.

Please note that there are absolutely no refunds for the application fee or program tuition.  



Join our LMPA Indie Artist Programs Facebook Group for tips, specials, info regarding our programs and to network with AMAZING artist and industry professionals

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