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Are you a non-profit, small business, corporation, brand curious whether public &/or media relations could work for you? Do you have a service or product that you know everyone would love, if you could only just get the word out there? Perhaps you need to break into a specific niche market…


Well, do what clients like GUCCI, UNIVERSAL PICTURES, MAC, OWN, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, national luxury restaurant chain FIG & OLIVE, iconic Rock Band JOURNEY, THE REAL HOUSEWIVES and many other non profits, small businesses, corporations and brands have done; contact HNC Communications & Marketing, formerly LLEWMORC Media & Production Agency, to see how our services can assist you with reaching your marketing goals.


Maintaining practice areas in fashion, arts & culture, music, nightlife & entertainment, restaurant & dining, business, politics, nonprofit/philanthropic/community organizations and celebrity/high profile individuals, HNCCM is known for implementing creative, bold and customized public relations, marketing & management programs designed to impact a client’s specific business goals and objectives.


Join #TeamHNCCMby completing the below form to have our FREE, NO-OBLIGATION PR & Marketing Development Package instantly emailed to you or CLICK HERE. If you are ready to get the process started, click the below button to complete our PRE-CONSULT QUESTIONNAIRE.


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