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THA GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Confirmation



Thank you for submitting your project for the 2023 THA GRAMMY-BOUND™ Program.


What's Next:

Once the submission window closes (First Round - April 15 -16, Final Round - July 17-28), allow our team approximately 7 business days for review your submission.


During the review process, our team of industry professionals & GRAMMY Members ensure that your project meets category submission requirements as well as our artistic and production standards.


Once the review is completed, we will notify you of our decision to submit your project and for which categories it meets eligibility for.


For more information on our GRAMMY-BOUND™ Process, CLICK HERE.



In The Mean Time:

GRAMMY-BOUND™ Marketing Program...

If you have opted-in for our LMPA GRAMMY-BOUND™ Marketing Services when you completed your submission, please CLICK HERE to download, complete and submit our Marketing Agreement.  Also be sure to forward us your submission confirmation PDF along with your EPK (electronic press kit), photos, marketing material, etc.  This will ensure that we prioritize your project as we'll need to build a marketing plan around it.  Once you submit the Marketing Agreement please sure to we will forward you a payment invoice which needs to be Paid Upon Receipt to avoid delay in executing the marketing plan.

Connect with our on-line community!


1) Join our #TeamLMPA eList  (complete form below) for updates on the process as well as other LMPA Indie Artist Program perks.


2) LIKE our Facebook Page for updates and information about our other indie artist programs at 


3)  JOIN our Indie Artist Programs Facebook Group and post your music for our community to review at



Please email us with any questions at

Good Luck!!!

-LLEWMORC Media & Production Agency 

Indie Artist Programs, GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program



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