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Take Control of Your Career

Our wide range of professional independent artist program services will meet all of your management & development needs. Our professional music industry staff and mentors at The HNC Agency are not only professional in their fields, most. if not all of our staff are performers AND award winners.  Apply today to take your career to the next level.

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Results, Delivered

The HNC Agency provides a full suite of management services for artist of all genres including performance artists, models, designers, authors and artist of all other media (including painting, sculpting, photography, etc.) as well as product development in the beauty/fashion, restaurants/dining, nightlife & entertainment & non-profit industries.

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GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program

For Independent & Unsigned Artist

Each year, as a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the organization the behind the GRAMMY Awards), we have the privilege & honor of participating in the GRAMMY Awards submission process.  


Should an artist be accepted into our THA GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program, we will assist them with the GRAMMY submission process which is the first step to receiving a GRAMMY nomination or even better, a GRAMMY.  

Not only does The HNC Agency have submission authority for The Recording Academy's entry process, but we also have the ability to lobby our fellow members on our client’s behalf.  The HNC Agency has access to VOTING members by music genre, field, and category. We are able to lobby these VOTING members online within our GRAMMYPro member-only social media network (think Facebook for GRAMMY Members, only private), at our GRAMMY members-only events and via direct targeting email with our THA GRAMMY-BOUND™ Voting Member Database (up until Balloting Season, Sept-Jan). By adding GRAMMY-BOUND™ Marketing Services to your package, you'll have a much better chance of moving on to the next round.

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GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program

5-Module 8-Week (expedited) or 12-Week (standard) Program 

There was a time when a record label’s A&R department committed themselves more seriously to developing the talents of their artists. However, these days it is much harder and near impossible to find a record label committed to artist development. When a major label signs a new artist or band, it is expected, if not required, that the act has sufficient musical, songwriting & performance talent, brand identification and media savvy skills, A.K.A “The Complete Package”.  This is where The HNC Agency's DMV Artist Development Program comes in… 

The 12-week DMV Artist Development Program is designed to provide its participants the education, technical knowledge and professional skills they need to survive and excel as an independent recording and performing artist in today’s music industry. Our program’s experienced instructors & mentors contribute to the professional development of individual artists or groups by guiding you through a development matrix that includes instruction on learning the business of the music industry as well as a basic understanding of the complete creative process such as songwriting, arranging, recording, production, performing, image & branding, choreography, media, marketing & promotion.

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DMV Artist Development Prgram Scholarship

Accepting Applications Until Friday, May 12th.


We understand that as an artist, money for studio time, continuing education, marketing, etc may not always be readily available.  We also don’t feel that lack of financial resources, should stop an artist from sharing their gifts and talents with the world.

That’s why we created the DMV Artist Development Program Scholarship to give a few people an opportunity to win up $9,500.00 in services and products to include one on one with industry mentors, recording studio package, marketing, media & branding package, music/song review our industry professionals who are multiple award winners themselves and more!

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Join our THA Indie Artist Programs Facebook Group for tips, specials, info regarding our programs and to network with an AMAZING artist and industry professionals.

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