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Press Kit Development
Media Training
Press Conference Management


Media Kit Development

HNCCM develops media kits for our clients that are highly targeted and relevant, giving press and analysts the information they need at a glance, without overloading them.


We develop a comprehensive communications tool kit that includes backgrounders, press releases, executive biographies, company fact sheets and other tools to communicate our client's unique market position and messages.


Media Relations

One of the most crucial aspects of any successful public relations program, HNCCM offers experienced media relations professionals dedicated to establishing and strengthening press relations on our client's behalf. Thanks to our president press experience & background, the LLEWMORC Agency has excellent relationships with industry-specific press.


Industry Analyst Relations

Industry analysts are among the most important influencers. Their evaluations and recommendations to our client's potential customers can make or break vital sales efforts. HNCCM has established strong relationships with top industry analysts. We work to ensure that this important audience is aware of the strengths of our client's product offerings and competitive positioning.


Media/Public Relations Meetings & Tours

There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings that form the basis of a lasting relationship between our clients and relevant press and industry analysts. To that end, HNCCM helps our clients maximize their time and communicate their messages through targeted media and analyst tours. Because HNCCM has significant experience planning and executing tours, our clients can rest assured that media and analyst tours proceed smoothly and effectively.


Media Placement

As PR & Crisis Management Consultants for iconic international rock bands, numerous Bravo's Real Housewives & other reality stars, actors, musicians, high profile/celebrity clientele and brands, we have garnered media placement in national/international press outlets including Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & FriendsThe Late Show, The View, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, Larry King Live, Extra, W Magazine, OK! Magazine, Daily Mail-UK, and many more.  We believe WHAT you say is just as important to WHO you say it to.


Media Coaching/Training

When speaking to the media most people make the mistake of thinking is a friendly conversation.  In fact, media engagement is a much different skill than any other type of public speaking. A media interview is unlike the conversations you have in your daily life.  You usually have absolutely no control over the context of how your words will be presented to the final audience. If we know anything about the media, we know they can slice and dice anything you say to fit the narrative they want to present. HNCCM has specific systems to teach proper body language, messaging, answer techniques, and sound bite creation. These techniques can be used to control an interview and get your exact message across for TV, Print, Radio, and New Media.


Press Conference Management

When clients have major announcements with far-reaching industry impact, HNCCM helps them communicate their message in a more formal press conference venue. We work with clients to develop key messages, develop press releases and other supporting materials and coach client spokespeople to ensure maximum impact. We also handle event logistics and have extensive experience in conducting press conferences that meet and exceed expectations.


Audio News Release Program

HNCCM's Audio News Release (ANR) program is a PR initiative with huge marketing impact.  An audio news release (ANR) is a 30- or 60-second scripted, voice-narrated audio segment that includes a sound bite from your spokesperson and a call to action sending listeners directly to your website or business. ANRs are traditional media vehicles designed to reach mass audiences across the country. ANRs are low-cost/high-return solutions for clients looking to quickly and easily maximize both their budget and their message. Our ANRs are all-inclusive of script writing, production, distribution, and metrics. Though our media partnerships, ANRs distribution is comprehensive and includes national placement on radio syndications and airings on hundreds of radio stations across the country, reaching several million listeners. ANRs are commonly used to inform, educate, raise awareness, and equally to boost results or complement other broadcast vehicles as part of a campaign.  It can be either a stand-alone media campaign or an enhancement to your ongoing PR program.

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