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Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Threats to your Online Reputation are EVERYWHERE

For high-profile individuals and companies & brands, your online reputation is your most valuable asset. If you’re a company or brand, your search results will impact the decisions of potential customers. If you’re a public figure, high profile individual  or politician, your online reputation is crucial to shaping the views of potential supporters or constituents. At LLEWMORC Media & Production Agency, we’ll help restore and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. Luckily we've exclusively teamed up with Ripoff Report, the world's top ranked and largest consumer complaint forum/website.



Image threats from blogs and social media are especially dangerous. These threats can me external or internal, coming from employees or even family members..



With the perceived ability to post 100% anonymously, slander attacks on individuals and firms have grown exponentially in the last 3 years. Our Removal & Repair service can turn the table on anonymous attackers by exposing their true identities.



For many professionals your name and your brand is your business and with the advent of mobile-based review apps, individuals seeking to do harm, can do so on many sites and apps with perceived impunity

How we do what we do...



Earning the Ripoff Report Verified status isn’t easy.  It takes serious dedication to customer service and satisfaction! Ripoff Report, through a few of their paid business membership programs has helped hundreds of businesses take the steps they need to making customers happy and keeping them that way - earning the status of being Ripoff Report Verified™.


In order to achieve the Verified status with Ripoff Report, and be able to advertise that they are Ripoff Report Verified™, business program members have to do the following:


  1. Allow a third-party verifier, at the beginning of program membership, conduct an on-site inspection, inclusive of taking photographs,(to ensure that the company is actually operating as a business) and conduct an interview with one or more staff members to learn about how the business operates in general;

  2. Make a written commitment to providing superior customer satisfaction regarding their products and services; and

  3. Make a written commitment to addressing any and all customer complaints made to Ripoff Report (whether in the past or in the future) promptly (typically within 14 days), reasonably, and fairly; erring on the side of the consumer when reasonable to do so.

    • If the Program deals with past Reports/complaints, then that business allows Ripoff Report to e-mail every individual who wrote a Report about them prior with the subject box title “[Business Name] contacts Ripoff Report to make things right with customers from the past...” * If the Report is found to be false, it will be exposed as such..

If the member business does not make things right with customers from the past and or those in the future, they will be removed from the program. Everything within reason. Ripoff Report does its best to not allow anyone to be taken advantage of. We do expect our members to err on the side of their customer. Something all businesses in the world needs to practice. 

Guardian+ Program

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