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At The HNC Agency our talent management clientele includes a plethora of industries across the entire spectrum of art & media.  From Broadway/tv/film actors to international iconic rock bands; from reality stars to politicians; from t.v./media personalities & models to recording/performance artists, we do it all and we do it well.  



The HNC Agency provides a full suite of management services for artists of all genres including performance artists, actors/t.v. personalities, models, designers, authors and artist of all media (including painting, sculpting, photography, etc), high-profile individuals as well as product/project development in the beauty/fashion, restaurants/dining, nightlife & entertainment & non-profit industries.


Although our company focuses on providing targeted and cost-effective marketing, The HNC Agency also designs and executes professional level marketing campaigns, handles design production of online & real-world marketing collateral (banners, posters, postcards, CD’s, etc…), negotiates special deals on production, provides local, national & international distribution & placement for digital delivery and designs effective digital/social media marketing campaigns. Chances are, if it involves a talent's career, we at The HNC Agency are working in that area. 

While capable of acting alone on behalf of an artist, The HNC Agency encourages partnership with management, record labels, music publishers, promoters & other publicity companies to help artists and brands reach their full potential.



Below are some of the services/projects/products that we are included in our Artist Management/Product Development Program here at The HNC Agnecy:


Management, Development & Representation

  • Contract Negotiations/Management

  • Product & Marketing Material Development

  • Design

  • Package Design (CD, Book Cover, etc.)

  • Brand Management 

  • Look book/Portfolio Design & Development

  • LIVE Performance Management/Development

  • EPKs (Electronic Press Kits)

  • Biography Preparation

  • Music Production

  • P.R.O. Registration (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC)

  • Access to Vocal Coaching & Industry Mentors

  • Performance Coaching

  •  Social Media Networking/Website Management (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc)

  • Bookkeeping/Banking

  • Copyright and Song Registration

  • Business Development (access to our in-house business & entertainment attorneys for trade/artist name registration, band agreements, etc.)


Marketing Plan/Campaign Development to include publication in industry/artist trade publications/blogs


Website Design/Redesign & Evaluation


Artist Development Consultation & Program Management





The HNC Agency offers the following Indie Artist Programs to assist the artist with career development and taking control on their music careers

  •  National GRAMMY-BOUND™ Submission Program (#HNCGRAMMYBOUND) – Please CLICK HERE!

  • GRAMMY-BOUND™ Artist Development Program – Please CLICK HERE!





We here at The HNC Agency look forward to receiving packages from artists of all genres.  If you are interested in us representing you, be sure to complete the below Artist Management Interest Form or send us a complete press kit package for our review and consideration.


PLEASE BE PATIENT.  It can take time.  We will always listen to everything that crosses our desk.  If more than a 7 business days pass since your submission and you have not heard from us, please email us to inquire whether we received your submission form or package. 


PLEASE PROVIDE A COVER LETTER.  Please tell us what you are looking for and write a few paragraphs telling us about your goals, what you want to accomplish, what you think sets you apart from your competition and any back stories (how did you come to be).  If you have a press kit or photos, INCLUDE them.  Please include your contact information in the package AND on the CD (if applicable).



Email Electronic Press Kits, music, portfolios and other submissions to:

or send to:

HNC Enterprises, Inc

C/O The HNC Agency

1401 New York Ave, NE

Box 678

Washington, DC 20002





-A $150.00 fee is assessed for all initial artist consultations.  To request a consultation please complete the below form. This consultation fee allows our staff the time-consuming & in-depth review of each submission to assist with development of a PR & Management Plan. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a booking agency. While we are able to secure bookings/paid gigs for our clients occasionally because of our affiliations and contacts, that is NOT what we primarily do. If you are interested in booking opportunities, we suggest that you contact a booking agency.


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